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 Leasing Planes

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PostSubject: Leasing Planes   Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:19 pm

The point of leasing planes is to increase you rating during the 3 days that you own the plane so that you can lease larger planes at the end of the three days.

Since rating comes from cargo, you want to try and lease the planes with the highest cargo capacity as well as passengers for the lowest lease price possible

The only planes you should consider a lease-to-own are the A300, A380-800 or the AN-225.
This is because:
1 The A300 resale value has remained high.
2 You cant purchase a larger Passenger Plane than the A380-800. (until the A380-900 is added to the game)
3 you cant purchase a larger Cargo Plane than the AN-225

There are planes that are great to own, just not great to lease.
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Leasing Planes
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